Situated at only 5 km away from the center of Lloret de Mar, the sanctuary of Sant Pere del Bosc had belonged to a trade union of fishermen. The first historical annals date back to year of 896, when it was originally called the monastery of Sant Pere Salou. It was inhabited by Benedictine monks until the French invaders set fire to the monastery in 1694. Monastery was renovated in 1759 in baroque style, formerly being Gothic. In 1836, the monastery was put up for auction in order to be saved from destruction and looting.

Sant Pere del Bosc

In 1860, Sant Pere del Bosc was purchased by a local Lloret citizen who became rich in America named Nicolau Font (Count Haruko), who at that time lived in Haruko, one of the municipalities of Havana, Cuba.

The deal was arranged through his cousin Don Agusti Font Suris, who at that time was the mayor of Lloret de Mar. Thus, the property remained in the hands of the villagers. When the new owner returned to Lloret, he reformed and restored not only the building itself, but also its surroundings. The work was carried out by the architect Josep Puig and artist Enric Montserda.

Nicolau Font Statue

In honor of Nicolau Font, in front of the sanctuary was installed his marble statue in 1911, by his nephew.


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