Cacti Garden - Lloret de Mar

In Lloret de Mar, near the beach of Santa Cristina, there is a beautiful botanical garden Pinya de Rosa – a garden in which nature is closely intertwined with art. Dr. Ferran Riviere de Caralt, engineer by profession, bought an ordinary estate in January 1945 and within a few months began planting the garden. For several years in a row, the systematic works on increasing the collection and changing the landscape never stopped.

Pinya de Rosa - Lloret de Mar

Nowadays, the botanical collection includes more than 7.000 plant species, some of which are completely unique. For instance, the collection of prickly pear cacti comprises about 600 species and is considered to be the best in the world.

The blossoming time in Piña de Rosa is all year round. Aloe blooms usually in winter, but the most favorable months are from February to October during which all cacti flowers and other plants exhibit all their splendor.

Pinya De Rosa

In the cacti garden – the barrel type cacti with huge chandeliers of varying heights are combined with the spherical ones, together forming an amazing combination. The botanical Garden in Lloret de Mar – Pinya de Rosa was and still is visited by the world’s best experts on growing cacti. The garden and its owner are known and respected throughout the entire world. Botanical experts on cacti and other succulents dedicated to Señor Riviere some of the plants they classified. For example, the Riviera Opuntia was consecrated by the German botanist Baskerberg and the Echinorsis Riviera-de-Caralt by Professor Cardenas, also the South African professor Lavranus and the Englishman Newton dedicated their newly discovered Aloe species in Yemen to Dr. Riviere de Caralt by naming it “Aloe Riviera”.

Pinya de Rosa - Botanical Garden

Accessibility: Only by car. There is free parking. From May to September, an open bus tour connects the garden and Lloret de Mar. The price for a trip with the open bus tour to Pinya de Rosa and back is 4.5 euros.
Opening Times: 9:00-18:00, the whole year round
Entrance Fee: 4 euros


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