Below you may find a few types of recreation and leisure travelers who come to Costa Brava and this cheerful Catalan city on the Spanish Mediterranean coast!


So, what type do you belong to?


Type 1Lloret de Mar for Party People

You are young, energetic, enjoy the sea and the sun, love to go clubbing until early morning, and yet do not feel alienated from the world culture masterpieces.

In Lloret de Mar, for you, there are 9 amazing beaches (even a nudist beach) with a total length of 7 km, an entire sea of clear water, and nearly three dozen of the best nightclubs and discos on the coast. All that makes Lloret de Mar the party capital of Costa Brava!


Lloret de Mar Nightlife


Some people might say Lloret is not Ibiza! Unlike Ibiza, Lloret de Mar is not an island encircled just by water, but is a coastal town surrounded on one side by the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side by monuments of culture and history. Additionally, in the proximity of one hour drive you can reach Barcelona, Girona, Figueres and many other interesting places.


Type 2Lloret de Mar for Couples

You are very much like the 1st type and everything mentioned above is terribly interesting for you as well. However, you arrived in Lloret with the second half and romance in your lives is a custom by now. Therefore, the proximity of France and the light-hearted romantic mood will most likely spark ideas in your mind to go there for a one-day visit.

Lloret de Mar for Couples

Nearly a hundred Lloret de Mar bars and cafes will provide you with the opportunity to feel like a real connoisseur of Spanish wines and tapas. You may as well surrender yourselves to shopping by going to a specially designated boutique-village called La Roca Village, where you will be awaited by the fashion world’s best genuine items from such renowned brands as Armani , Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many others at a fraction of the retail prices.

La Roca Village

Last but not least – the cultural program! You have to see all Gaudi houses in Barcelona, go to the museum of Picasso, stop in Figueres to visit Dali, and wander the medieval streets of Girona. In addition, recommends you to explore local Lloret de Mar attractions which are plenty due to the thousand-year history.


Type 3 Lloret de Mar with children

You are young, energetic, well-tuned with the progressive world and accompanied by one, two, three or more little life treasures. In this case, you will probably need to replace the nightlife entertainment in the form of clubs with a healthy sleep. Especially since, in addition to the beach, you will likely visit a couple of water parks with dolphins and a Gnome-park. When going to Barcelona, you will possibly have to adjust the cultural program for

Lloret de Mar with Children

the benefit of visiting the Tibidabo amusement park located on a mountain with the same name; instead of the fish restaurant to go to Barcelona Aquarium, and then share the joy of children by visiting the famous Barcelona Zoo with live peacocks on its footpaths! Except the above-mentioned hundreds of bars, in Lloret itself, inspected a couple of hundred restaurants with the widest geography of tastes. Even if all that seems to be not enough for your little treasures, then we suggest you hit the road and stop at the amusement park of Port Aventura. We guarantee, your family holidays will be unforgettable!


Type 4 Lloret de Mar with reasoning

Belongs to the scenario when you like it all down here, your second half shares your feelings, and your children appear to be more defiantly healthy and refuse to return to their homeland. Then maybe you should not only study the hotel prices, but rather think of a longer stay for a month or two. In the mean time, if your impressions of Lloret de Mar remain unchanged – it is probably the time for you to start thinking about acquiring a real estate

Lloret de Mar Villa

property. We do not suggest you commute for good (although that is an option too), but rather of the usual small cottage house on the outskirts of cities you live in – we believe it is more pleasant to come to a cozy nest located within 100km from France, 70km from Barcelona and a walking distance from the sea… Moreover, Andorra and the Spanish Pyrenees ski resorts are only 2-3 hours of drive away! If you have such a desire for a long time, but you find it difficult to determine the region, advises to weigh the pros and cons, compare-visit places, and approach this matter confidently.


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