Girona Airport - Lloret de Mar

Based on your financial resources and preferences, there are several ways for you to arrive in Lloret de Mar from Girona Airport. Below you may find all the possible ways, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Transfer Service. From all the ways of getting to Lloret de Mar, this one is the easiest and most convenient. What are the advantages of this option? Regardless of arrival time, day or night, you will be greeted at the airport and transported directly to the doorstep of your hotel or to the indicated address. The only disadvantage is the cost, which will obviously be a little higher than the bus. However, if you do not order the transfer just for one person, but for 3-4 or more persons, then the price difference is almost unnoticeable. To learn more about prices, and order a transfer please click here.


Taxi. Also a very convenient way to get to your destination, but slightly inferior when compared to the transfer service. In this case, you will not be personally met, and you will have to take the taxi yourself and explain where you should go. It is desirable to have at hand the address of your hotel. Taxis are also working around the clock. Taxi prices (50-60 euros) are approximately equal to the transfer service. Just make sure to ask the driver how much it will cost before hopping on it.


Bus. It is the cheapest option of all, yet the most restrictive time-wise. Below you can find the bus schedule.

Ticket Price: approx. 9 euros (one way)
Company: Sarfa
Bus Schedule: Click Here to Check It


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