Dona Marinera - Lloret de Mar

Monument of Dona Marinera (Sailor’s wife) was established in 1966 – the millennium year of Lloret de Mar’s historical existence. The sculpture was created by the artist Ernesto Maragai, and from the moment of its establishment it has become a symbol of the coastal town.
The bronze woman figure is to be found on a rock in the distant right part of the Lloret de Mar’s central beach. The woman, whom local people call the Virgin of Lloret, peers over the sea and welcomes each of the anticipated ship return to the port of Lloret de Mar for its long history.
There is a belief that if you look in the direction of Dona Marinera’s gaze and at the same time touch the feet of sculpture – all the wishes you make will come true.

And yet there is a splendid panoramic view!


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