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Blanes, located at a 5-minute drive away from Lloret de Mar, is the oldest and most southerly of all the cities on Costa Brava. The city is a picturesque contrast between the stories embodied in the surviving medieval monuments, neighborhoods and buildings of the old-fashion Spanish architecture, and the advancement of modern reality that brought rapid development of tourism into the area.

Currently Blanes is a lively seaside resort with a broad infrastructure of first-class hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and night entertainment. Blanes is particularly popular as a family resort with local hotels having special programs for families with children.


A huge single rock, crashed into the sea off the coast, conditionally divides the city into two parts – north and south. Most of the hotels are concentrated in the southern part of the city, close to the beach in the peaceful residential area. Meanwhile in the northern part you will find the Port and a wide range of restaurants that serve delicious and fresh sea-food.

So if you are in Lloret de Mar and want to see what the neighboring towns have to offer, recommends you to visit Blanes. The two cities are connected via public transportation that circulates very often and at regular time intervals. You can get the bus to Blanes at Lloret Central Station.

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