Length  Width  Sand Type 
450m 50m Large

It is located (when facing the sea) to the left of the central beach. Can be depicted as nice, quite large, sandy beach, with few tourists and mostly locals. Right next to the beach you will find a small marina where yachts and boats are harbored. Moreover, there are nice restaurants and romantic views.

Canyelles Beach - Lloret de Mar

Another small romantic beach hidden among rocks with shallow water and stony surface. A particularly tricky place to find. You will most probably either have to use a GPS navigator to get there or ask the locals, otherwise you will end up searching for it endlessly.

Cala GranCala Gran Beach 

A very cozy tiny beach, hidden in the rocks, can be reached from the central beach (Playa Lloret) either on foot in approximately 40 minutes by following a path alongside rocks or by car descendind from the villas direction.

Cala d'en Trons Beach

Length  Width  Sand Type
1650m 45m Large

This is the main, biggest, and most crowded beach of Lloret de Mar. In July and August it gets extremely packed and finding a spot in the afternoon turns into a real challenge. However, many people do not go beyond it. And why go somewhere else when all forms of  beach and water entertainment such as para-sailing, water skiing, snorkeling, boat tours, peddle boats, canoes, etc. are all to be found there. Moreover, it is guarded by countless cafes, restaurants, shops, and beach bars which will make you never wanna leave it!

Lloret de Mar Central Beach

Length  Width  Sand Type
700m 45m Large

Located to the right (when facing the sea) of Lloret de Mar central beach. It is the second largest beach, but much quieter since basically all clubs and discos are closer to the central beach. This area is preferable for a relaxing holiday.

Fenals Beach - Lloret de Mar

Length  Width  Sand Type  Remarks 
250m 40m Large Nudist Beach

The official naturist beach of Lloret de Mar – Cala Boadella (also known as Sa Boadella) is, when facing the sea, right of the main beach of Lloret and nearby Santa Clotilde Gardens. It can be reached on foot from the city center in more or less 25 minutes. Sa Boadea is a small and cozy sandy beach with clear water, separated from the rest of the coast by picturesque cliffs and forest. At the entrance you will find a banner reading “Naturism tradition beach” and the scheme of the beach. There are a couple of showers and a small bar. Beach area is divided by rocks into two parts – one part is completely nudist, the second is a mix of people sunbathing topless and in traditional swimsuits. However, this does not mean that others are forbidden to go there. Even on the main beach in Barcelona, ​​you’ll see a lot of completely undressed people, but in Lloret de Mar Fenals Beach it looks like it is quite natural, and nobody seems to pay attention to it. Nudists generally prefer to sunbathe until 2 pm, closer to the evening it becomes more populated with reserved and shy people.  The Cala Boadella Beach is a popular spot in Lloret de Mar among Germans, French, Italians and Spaniards.

Cala Boadella Beach - Lloret de Mar

Length  Width  Sand Type 
120m 40m Small

Length  Width  Sand Type
450m 40m Small


Santa Cristina Beach - Lloret de Mar



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